Innovation, health, identity, environment - key drivers behind PROMOPACK products. We created collections inspired by nature using state-of-the-art equipment  in compliance with EU standards. Our design and R&D teams can help you to develop your own designer collections to correspond to modern expectations for beauty and customer satisfaction.

Being a socially responsible corporation we are within big ideas- to make our community a pleasant place to live, to

 contribute to a sustainable economy, to protect  the  ecosystem and rolling back climate change.


 Kleimove-freshness, energy, hydration, softness, shine, perfumed skin

The collections of shampoos, shower gels, balms and body lotions are directed to unisex audience with fine scents with herbal or fruit focus 

Communication-modern, fresh and vibrant flavors, natural active ingredients and beautiful colors

Volumes of packaging-25ml, 30ml, 35 ml